BBPG advantages

Selling your lease provides you with three distinct advantages:

1. The opportunity to make more money in the long run

2. The opportunity to reduce your tax exposure

3. Security against the risk of rent reduction or lease cancellation

Make More Money

With our one-time all cash payment, you can do more than you ever could with a monthly or annual rent check. Improve your credit position, pay down a mortgage or pay off debt. Focus on building long term value by using the capital to make intelligent investment decisions that may not have been available to you without our cash proceeds. Together, these factors could produce a powerful investment return - a return you could never match by keeping your rent check and putting it in the bank after paying Uncle Sam.


    • Capital gains treatment: Your monthly rent is taxed at high ordinary income tax rates. The Billboard Property Group proceeds generated through this billboard lease acquisition program may qualify for favorable capital gains tax treatments.

    • Return of basis: The Billboard Property Group proceeds may be treated for tax purposes as return of basis and therefore not subjected to tax. Site owners should check the tax basis of their site with their tax advisor to determine whether the proceeds qualify as return of basis.

    • 1031 exchange: The Billboard Property Group proceeds can qualify for tax deferral if properly structured and executed according to section 1031 provisions of the US Tax Code.

The program is designed to be tax efficient, because it is the bottom line that really counts. Explore how to maximize your bottom line. Of course, you need to work with your tax advisor on all tax-related matters as we do not offer personal tax advise.

Click here to go to our Resource Center page for more information on tax savings provided by other financial intermediary sites.

Gain Security: A Shorter Term Lease Than You Think

You may not realize it, but your lease rent can be at risk. Almost all billboard lease agreements allow the operators to terminate the lease with no more than 90 days notice, for any reason they unilaterally deem appropriate. That is one reason why banks will not lend against individual lease rents. In addition, during these challenging economic times, there are few property owners nationwide who have not been contacted by billboard companies seeking rent reductions or other lease term modifications. Don’t say it can’t happen ----
it is happening every day!

Participating in this program affords you a very unique and significant benefit: You have the opportunity to sell your lease for a substantial lump sum of cash, in most cases with a significant capital gains tax benefit, and the ability to secure better investment options tailored to your specific needs or requirements.

  • Free consultation/site and billboard lease analysis
  • ALL CASH prices paid
  • Unique source of CASH
  • Most transactions qualify for capital gains tax treatment
    (e.g. 15%)

  • We own and purchase billboard easements nationwide. We are acquiring additional billboard easements across the country
  • Confidentiality assured