What is a billboard easement purchase?

This is a real estate transaction which separates usage of the small piece of property underneath and the air rights above where the billboard is installed. It is done by granting only the right to use the land in a specified manner and for its current purpose. Visualize this process.

Do I still have ownership and access to the rest of my property?

Yes – most billboards are located in non-developable areas of a property, the roof of a building or at the edge of a lot. In most cases, creating an easement still allows you to use 100% of your property, and does not interfere with future development purposes. Our easements even allow you use of the land under the billboard. We only require no interference with access to the billboard or blockage of visibility of the sign.

Can I sell my property without interference from the easement?

Absolutely – and you keep 100% of the proceeds the sale of your property. Savvy landowners maximize profit from their property by creating an easement prior to selling their property. If you sell the property without an easement you are most likely not receiving top price for the lease.

Is Billboard Property Group going to take over the billboard?

No –our business objective is to only own billboard easements, not the signs. We hope to have a long and prosperous relationship with the billboard company who owns the sign.

What tax advantage can I receive?

Long Term Capital Gains: If you have held your billboard lease for more than 1 year, you qualify for long term capital gains tax benefits. Current Federal capital gains taxes are a maximum of 15%. With Congress continually tweaking investment tax laws, these rates are likely to increase sometime in the near future. Since most people will pay less tax on their long-term gains, financial experts recommend taking advantage of today's lower rates when they fit into your portfolio plans.

1031 Tax Exchange: Generally, if you exchange business or investment property solely for business or investment property of a like-kind, no gain or loss is recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. Today’s real estate market is providing excellent opportunities to purchase undervalued property. You can now use your lump sum lease payment to purchase an equal or greater real estate investment as a means to diversify and increase your portfolio.

How is my lease valued?

We use present market pricing to determine easement purchase value. Factors such as: billboard location, length of lease, rate of lease, lease terms and credibility of the billboard company are used to determine fair market value.

How long does it take to finalize the easement and receive my lump sum payment?

Once a price is agreed upon and Billboard Property Group receives all of the necessary paperwork, it typically takes 30 – 60 days to close on this type of transaction. The transaction is similar to any other real estate sale minus any costs and a fraction of the paperwork.

What is Billboard Property Group’s business model?

Billboard Property Group works exclusively in the billboard industry. We have created a portfolio of billboard easements around the country which is held for long-term investment purposes. Similar to a mutual fund, our vast portfolio of billboard easements allow us risk diversification.

What is in it for Billboard Property Group?

After you receive your lump sum, we have the right to collect the lease payments from outdoor advertising companies and billboard operators. That also means we assume the risk of lease termination and rent reduction.

To protect ourselves against this risk, we diversify our portfolio of billboard lease sites by geographic regions and across all major outdoor advertising operators. We know that during these challenging times, leases will be terminated. However, if we have a properly diversified portfolio, even the effects of something as large as a merger between two large operators will be minimized.

  • Free consultation/site and billboard lease analysis
  • ALL CASH prices paid
  • Unique source of CASH
  • Most transactions qualify for capital gains tax treatment
    (e.g. 15%)

  • We own and purchase billboard easements nationwide. We are acquiring additional billboard easements across the country
  • Confidentiality assured