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What to Expect

For a transaction that provides you with a large sum of money - equal to many years of lease income -
a certain amount of paperwork is unavoidable. But after completing hundreds of transactions, we've streamlined the process to make it very simple for you to receive your proceeds promptly.

First, you'll get direct access to one of our managers, who uses your billboard lease to prepare a professional analysis of your billboard site, and to confirm that it's a proper fit for our portfolio. If it is, we'll provide you with a formal written ALL CASH offer. We maintain strict confidentiality throughout this process.

If our offer meets with your approval, you'll review and sign an easement agreement which details the terms of the transaction.

Once business terms have been settled, we'll work to finalize the legal billboard easement agreement for your site. Some site owners use an attorney during this process, although many owners complete this process on their own.

Please note that at this stage of the transaction, we will ask you for copies of documents primarily used to verify that you own and may legally grant an easement to the subject billboard site. The documents are as follows:

1. A copy of the executed billboard site lease, and amendment(s), if not already provided

2. A copy of the last three months' rent checks (or a copy of the last 2 years 1099 forms)

3. A copy of the title or deed (proof of ownership) of your property, if available

4. A copy of a survey of your property, if available

When we receive these items, we order a title search. Typically, we get the results in 2-3 weeks and review the report within three business days. After that, we'll send you hard copies of our final Easement Agreement for review and execution, plus a Non-Disturbance Agreement for your lender, if applicable.

Under most circumstances, we can complete the commitment process described above in as little as two weeks, but typically completion of the acquisition takes between 30 and 45 days.

Once the transaction is finalized, you will receive your lump sum payment at the closing.

Just think: In a few short weeks, you could have a substantial sum of money to invest,
or to pay down debt, or to use in your core business.

  • Free consultation/site and billboard lease analysis
  • ALL CASH prices paid
  • Unique source of CASH
  • Most transactions qualify for capital gains tax treatment
    (e.g. 15%)

  • We own and purchase billboard easements nationwide. We are acquiring additional billboard easements across the country
  • Confidentiality assured