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How Billboard Property Group Works

We actively acquire billboard lease rights, adding them to our nationwide portfolio. We contact some owners directly; other owners contact us. Either way, we offer free and confidential analysis of your billboard lease. In order to propertly evaluate, we will seek certain lease information as a preliminary step to make sure your site and lease qualify for our program. Providing us with a copy of your billboard lease is the best way to facilitate this process. Confidentiality is important to us and we treat each and every transaction with the utmost of confidentiality. View Confidentiality Agreement.

For more detailed information on how our acquisition process is managed through a successful completion, please read our Billboard Lease Acquisition page.

Once we have had the opportunity to review your lease terms, in most cases, we can have an offer presented to you within 24 hours. We have an experienced and extremely dedicated closing team designed to seamlessly walk you through the process and get money to landowners, like yourself, as quickly as possible.

Get the ball rolling - call us today for a consultation, no commitment required. Let us show you what we can do together.

How Billboard Property Group Benefits YOU

We've structured our program to ensure that this is a "win-win" transaction. Yes - both sides win! By structuring our transaction as a perpetual billboard easement - we are able to offer you the best possible price for your site. We do not buy the billboard or take any ownership of your property; we simply acquire an easement directly under the billboard and pay you upfront for that right.

The sale of an easement allows you, in most cases, to qualify for capital gains tax treatment on your lump sum ALL CASH payment.

The current Federal Capital rate is at a historic low, and as compared to what you are probably paying in income taxes, our billboard lease acquisition program provides a significant "win" in terms of lowering your tax obligation.

This transaction also typically qualifies for the 1031 Like-Kind Exchange, in which you use all or part of your lump sum to purchase investment real estate. The proceeds you use for this purpose are 100% tax-deferred. Our billboard easement transaction has been structured to be the most sophisticated in the market from a tax perspective, and as a result, we can provide you more money now.

We bring decades of experience in the billboard, real estate, and finance industries to bear on the billboard lease acquisition market in order to create the best product available.

  • Free consultation/site and billboard lease analysis
  • ALL CASH prices paid
  • Unique source of CASH
  • Most transactions qualify for capital gains tax treatment
    (e.g. 15%)

  • We own and purchase billboard easements nationwide. We are acquiring additional billboard easements across the country
  • Confidentiality assured